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Our pre-made lists provide you with targeted contacts in a variety of demographics and firmographic characteristics. You'll find a wide array of accurate, verified lists that will help you reach your target group. Find your ideal audience now!

Selecting the right audience is the most important part of any marketing campaign. During the last 20 years, Exact Data has compiled hundreds of millions of consumer and business contacts to provide you with the most accurate data possible and licensed over 2,000 sources to build and enhance our database. Exact Data has over 70,000 pre-selected audiences we call Ready-Made Lists (RML). Search by keyword (above), Geography, Job Title, SIC Code, or NAICS Code.

Audience Title Index

You can select a ready-made list from below or create your own list.

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TitleChannelsLeadsPrice / LeadLast Update
Vacation Home Owners821,887$0.0811/21/2020
Vacation Lodges6,129$0.2011/16/2020
Vacation of a Lifetime - Timeshare Respondents & Resort Guests10,717,233$0.1811/16/2020
Vacation Ownership - Timeshare Owners of America1,725,748$0.2011/20/2020
Vacation Time! - Travel & Leisure67,541,200$0.1911/16/2020
Vacation Timeshare Buyers1,709,312$0.1911/16/2020
Vacation Travel Getaway Package Buyers31,210,135$0.1811/24/2020
Vacationers in Cape Cod54,679$0.1211/18/2020
Vacuum Cleaner Repair Shops1,243$0.3511/21/2020
Value-Priced General Merchandise Buyers13,531,109$0.1911/24/2020
Valves and Pipe Fittings Manufacturers748$0.3011/23/2020
Variety Store Merchandise Wholesalers1,081$0.3511/16/2020