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Social Media Appends

Phone Appends

Is your database missing phone data? Our phone append services are here to answer the call. Appending allows you to fill in the blanks and add ifnormation to the data you already have.

Through our phone append service, we take your contact's name and address (postal or email) and match it to their current phone number in our database. With a database containing over 210 million different people, there is a good chance we’ll have the contacts on your list.

In general, consumers don’t like giving out their phone number unless they absolutely need to. This not only makes it difficult to come by, but also quite valuable.

Adding phone numbers to your database allows you to reach out to consumers through a highly personalized medium. People can overlook emails and throw out postal mailings, but they’ll remember a one-on-one conversation.

Cell Phone Appends

When’s that last time you called someone under the age of 70 on their house phone? As technology continues to advance, less and less people are using their ancient landlines and are instead turning to cell phones.

Opting for mobile devices and smart phones, consumers are no longer tied down to make phone calls (literally) from their homes or offices.

Exact Data’s cell phone appending service matches the name and address (postal or email) of your current customers to their mobile phone number.

When appending phone numbers, be sure to choose cell phones.

Social Media Appends

Without question, social media should be part of your marketing mix. Exact Data's social media append service returns profile URLs for a variety of social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

What can you use this data for?

- Use a multi-pronged approach to keep your brand in front of your clients - social media partners perfectly with an email marketing campaign.

- Reach your clients on their preferred platform. Some people may not enjoy receiving unexpected calls or emails, but they do like using social media.

- Identify and focus your efforts on building relationships with social influencers, and let them spread the word for you.

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