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Social Media


Facebook supports Domain, Page Post Link (aka Newsfeed), Multi-Product and Dynamic Product Ad types through its Ad Manager. For a convenience fee, Exact Data will place its clients Facebook campaigns, but for less complicated campaigns, Ad Manager do-it-yourself is normally sufficient.

Really Important

The success of any campaign is determined by reaching the right audience. While Facebook does offer limited targeting. Exact Data has over 700 selects on 242 million individuals; Exact Data makes Facebook’s audience more, and more accurately, addressable. Think about it. When you signed up for Facebook, you gave them limited information, perhaps your name, date of birth, and email address. Whatever else they know about you, is modeled.

Email: The Big Data / Social Media Connector

Exact Data has over 400 million email addresses matched to its national database of 242 million individuals (many people have multiple email addresses). There are 700 selects on our database, including but not limited to age, income, religion, marital status, job title, magazine subscriptions, online and offline, shopping habits, and more. Our clients select and download custom audiences from our database, then upload same (connected by email address) to Facebook, to ensure a perfectly targeted audience.

Email is no longer just for "prospecting", it’s the most accurate, powerful connector from Big Data to Social Media.

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