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22 March 2021

Impactful Automotive Data Solutions to Try Out

Are you looking for impactful automotive data marketing solutions? Hold up, let me rephrase that: Are you looking for impactful ways to reach the right customers, acquire new leads, create better brand awareness, and boost customer retention, too? Exact Data can help you find the ideal vehicle mailing list so that you can accomplish these goals (and more) and easily avoid competition.

Sounds amazing, right? In this blog post, we’ll cover exactly what you need to know about automotive and vehicle database solutions, including: 

  • Finding your ideal vehicle mailing list
  • Narrowing down your target audience
  • Understanding the importance of data hygiene for automotive data solutions


Why Are Automotive Data Solutions Important? 

Millions of car owners live in the United States, so narrowing down your marketing efforts to only reach qualified, relevant prospects is definitely challenging. With automotive data solutions from Exact Data, you’re able to narrow your vision and find vehicle mailing lists to hone in on your top prospects. 

Whether you’re an automobile dealership, repair shop, or other automotive business, we’ll help you find a list that gets you the response you’re looking for, because after all, data is only valuable when it works! 

The success of any automotive marketing campaign is going to depend on how accurate, current, and specific your data is. 

That’s where we come in! Our huge database offers automotive data solutions to meet every need and reach whoever your specific audience is right now. 

Plus, we consistently update our database so that you always have the most accurate, relevant, and timely information right at your fingertips, ready to help you drive new business. 


How to Find Your Ideal Automotive Mailing List

First, you’ll want to select your ideal audience. Identify who your optimal automotive buyers would be—that will help us recommend the best possible lists for your business. The more targeted you are in addressing your ideal audience, the more specific and effective your vehicle mailing list can be. 

What matters most to your audience and ideal customers? You can think about what your current customers like and go from there. Or, brainstorm new ideas of audiences you haven’t yet connected with, like high school students just about to get their licenses, or people who are new to your area. 

You’ll then want to narrow down your search by demographic information and vehicle-specific selects. This helps you create a targeted consumer list so that you can launch a campaign and use data effectively. 

Demographic information includes things like age, income, geographic location, gender, marital status, and more. On the other hand, custom selects include things like make, model, year, fuel type, vehicle type, and vehicle class. 

Our database has over 230 million CAN-SPAM compliant consumer email addresses, so you’ll be able to build a really powerful vehicle mailing list. If you narrow down your audience and search more characteristically, you’ll connect with the right people for your specific needs. 

Target Your Audience In the Right Way

Once you’re able to reach the right people, you’ll want to do it in the best possible way for your business. With powerful automotive data solutions and marketing solutions, you’ll be able to use precise, up-to-date data to easily acquire new customers. 

Here’s some of the ways you can target your audience with our support: 

  • Marketing Lists
  • Data Enhancements
  • Direct Mail
  • Email Marketing
  • Executives at Home


Plus, you can use the incredibly valuable strategy of conquest leads, too. In other words, strategically win over your competition’s loyal customers. *mic drop* To do this, you’ll need a reliable vehicle mailing list. 


We’ll help you identify the best way to target and acquire your competition’s repeat customers! Although this might seem a little too competitive, it is an effective strategy many business owners use to grab an advantage in an already competitive niche. 


Data Hygiene Matters for Automotive Data Solutions

If you’re going to focus on automotive data solutions, it’s crucial to think about consistent data hygiene, too. Data hygiene is the practice of making sure your data is accurate, up-to-date, and complete. This helps you keep your data usable and effective! Since pieces of customer data change all the time, updating your database is key to making the most of your lists.

Exact Data actually uses data enrichment to refresh your database—we’ll add missing and incomplete information, merge duplicate records, and remove outdated information. With these strategies, you’ll experience expanded reach, better ROI, and less waste of time and money! 

We make sure that email and postal addresses are up-to-date by checking for new movers, new addresses, invalid email addresses, and even deaths. With this rigorous data hygiene on your side, you’ll stop wasting time and resources you may not have even realized were holding you back. Then, you’ll be able to make better business decisions than ever before with a whole portfolio of accurate, relevant, and current contacts ready to go! 

Automotive data solutions can make a huge impact on your business, no matter your specific niche. Exact Data can help you find the ideal vehicle mailing list so that you can reach your ideal customers, acquire new leads, create better brand awareness, and boost custom retention. When you’re ready to build an effective vehicle mailing list, Exact Data will support you every step of the way, ensuring contacts are up-to-date, accurate, and reflective of your ideal audience. 

For more information on our impeccable automotive data solutions, download our automotive data PDF! Sign up now and learn more about all things automotive data.