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Business Lists

Are you in need of a business mailing list?

Easily pinpoint the business leads most likely to buy your products or services. Exact Data uses cutting edge technology to ensure that your leads are pulled from the most accurate, up-to-date database on the market. Whether you are looking for email addresses, postal addresses, or phone numbers - there are thousands of different combinations to customize the perfect business mailing list for your marketing, sales, or research needs.

You don’t want to spend money reaching out to an unresponsive audience. Targeting your message toward your most valuable prospects can help improve your ROI and conversion rates for your next campaign.

Choose from hundreds of criteria (or “selects”) such as:

  • Job Title
  • Industry
  • Annual Sales
  • Number of Employees
  • Location Type
  • Minority Owned Business
  • Company Start Year
  • More...

How do we build and update our business leads database?


A national business database is the foundation of the Exact Data B2B database. The database is built from a wide variety of sources including:

  • Government Records
  • Licensing Boards
  • Municipal Directories
  • Event Attendee Registrations
  • Web Site Registrations
  • Yellow Page and Business White Page Directories
  • Сounty Сourthouse Records
  • 10Ks and Other SEC Filings
  • More...

We then take this database and verify it using three methods, each tailored to a specific marketing channel:

  1. All postal records are CASS and NCOA certified every 60 days, providing an approximate 95% deliverability rate.
  2. Email addresses are pinged/monitored daily to remove invalid and opted-out records.
  3. Phone numbers are verified quarterly to ensure connectivity and contact accuracy.