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TitleChannelsUniversePriceLast Update
411: ESpanol Directory AssistanceCall for CountCall for Price12/12/2018
A New You - Medi-Spa GoersCall for CountCall for Price12/10/2018
Active American HiSpanic HomeownersCall for CountCall for Price12/15/2018
Affluent HiSpanic HomeownersCall for CountCall for Price12/13/2018
Americans with HiSpanic Surnames11,138,240$ 80.00 / M12/19/2018
Boat Owners in Sparks, Nevada3,578$ 110.00 / M12/18/2018
Brand Spankin' New Movers6,706,996$ 200.00 / M12/16/2018
Business to Consumer: Spain1,055,187$ 225.00 / M12/19/2018
California NewSpaper SubscribersCall for CountCall for Price12/15/2018
Christian HiSpanic HouseholdsCall for CountCall for Price12/11/2018
Comida Buena - Spanish Speaking Natural Food Lovers159,474$ 180.00 / M12/16/2018
Coopertiva HiSpanica / HiSpanic ConsumersCall for CountCall for Price12/14/2018
Cystic Fibrosis Related Fund Spanish Speaking DonorsCall for CountCall for Price12/15/2018
Diet, Weight Loss, and Healthy Living Lifestyles in Spanish Fork, Utah3,046$ 110.00 / M12/10/2018
En ESpa?ol - Spanish Speaking ConsumersCall for CountCall for Price12/11/2018
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