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Mailing lists with "Spa" in the title

TitleChannelsUniverseCost/LeadLast Update
spain International Business to Business Master File543,580$0.2309/13/2020
spalding Mailing List487$0.1009/15/2020
spangle Mailing List278$0.1009/20/2020
spanish Health and Beauty Buyers34,628,518$0.2009/15/2020
spanish Inspiration Magazine Subscribers4,225$0.1509/13/2020
spanish Language Speakers10,357,133$0.1909/19/2020
spanish Opportunity Seekers348,626$0.1809/22/2020
spanish Prospects (At Home)466,357$0.2009/20/2020
spanish Speakers10,088,654$0.1809/21/2020
spanish Speakers of the US9,886,652$0.2009/22/2020
spanish Speaking Cable and Internet Buyers165,953$0.1909/16/2020
spanish Speaking Catalog Mail Order Buyers5,275,599$0.1909/22/2020
spanish Speaking Consumers7,696,352$0.0809/19/2020
spanish Speaking Donors966,800$0.2009/15/2020
spanish Speaking Families by State3,440,952$0.1809/16/2020
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