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Business Email Append

Firmographic Appends

Get more out of your business-to-business database with a firmographic append from Exact Data. Dig deep and learn more about your audience. Who are they? Are they the ones making the purchasing decisions? Our business append services give you access to this data and allow you to make more informed decisions.

For example, if you have an in-house database of business professionals, Exact data can enhance that data by adding in the number of employees, top contact name, title, sales volume, attributes such as it being a minority and female owned business, and a variety of other options.

Want to learn more? Contact Exact Data today to run a firmographic append! Call 877-440-3282 or fill out the form on this page.

Business Email Appends

Exact Data Business Email Appending (B2B) service uses company names, individual names and addresses to determine email addresses for your customers and append them to your list.

If you're not already using email in your marketing campaigns, you should be. Exact Data email appending service gives you improved customer communication while cutting down on costs.

Guaranteed Results from Exact Data

  • Professional Service and Follow Up
  • Free Opt-Out Message Delivered
  • Quality Guaranteed
  • 40 Million Total Contact Records
  • High Match Rates
  • Pay Only For Successful Appends
  • Top Quality Data

Exact Data first appends as many matches as possible using our B2B Email Append service, and then we match the unmatched records against our Small Home Office (SOHO) database. This approach not only provides you the best data possible, but it also maximizes your results.

Phone Appends

Is your database missing phone data? Our phone append services are here to answer the call. Appending allows you to fill in the blanks and add information to the data you already have.

Through our phone append service, we take your contact's name and address (postal or email) and match it to their current phone number in our database. With a database containing over 210 million different people, there is a good chance we’ll have the contacts on your list.

In general, consumers don’t like giving out their phone number unless they absolutely need to. This not only makes it difficult to come by, but also quite valuable.

Adding phone numbers to your database allows you to reach out to consumers through a highly personalized medium. People can overlook emails and throw out postal mailings, but they’ll remember a one-on-one conversation.