Security Information

Organ Worldwide, LLC, ConsumerBase, LLC (dba Exact Data), ListFinder.com, NetPostmaster.com, FastCount.com, ePostmaster.com, Mailing-List-Quote.com, DataWidget.com and wikiAudience.com, hereafter referred to collectively as "Company", maintain security procedures that ensure that information is not made available to unauthorized individuals or businesses. We employ a variety of systems that control access to our databases. All users at client locations, as well as Company personnel must possess appropriate access codes and express authorization in order to access certain data/applications.

The company’s Chief Technology Officer leads the development and execution of our security strategy. It includes risk assessments and regular audits on our internal and external information systems.

Our facilities have monitoring for unauthorized access attempts to gain entry into our internal systems. We also maintain appropriate physical security, and limited access to certain critical areas of the business.

If you have questions about our commitment to security, please contact us at info@exactdata.com.


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