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"Political Party" Mailing lists

TitleChannelsUniverseCost/LeadLast Update
political Action Committees1,275$0.3501/20/2021
political Campaign Organizations906$0.3001/20/2021
political Contributors By Affiliation2,731,372$0.1801/23/2021
political Donors By State703,564$0.1301/21/2021
political Donors to All Parties4,830,209$0.2101/21/2021
political Organizations7,312$0.2001/24/2021
political Organizations Across the United States4,911$0.1101/24/2021
political Organizations By Location7,161$0.2001/21/2021
political Scientist> 100,000$0.1001/23/2021
High-Dollar political Donors - political Cause Contributors295,789$0.1801/21/2021
An Affair to Remember - Event and party Planners16,815$0.1901/22/2021
Beach party! - Timeshare Owners Near Resorts1,676,441$0.1801/23/2021
Democratic party Citizens237,549$0.0801/20/2021
Democratic party Fundraisers and Donors139,162$0.0801/20/2021
Democratic party Supporters4,714,950$0.1201/26/2021
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