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Mailing lists with "Nail Salon" in the title

TitleChannelsUniverseCost/LeadLast Update
nail salons in California6,633$0.1107/30/2020
nail salons in Florida3,467$0.1107/30/2020
nail salons in New York3,398$0.1107/26/2020
nail salons in Texas4,382$0.1108/02/2020
nails Wholesalers2,219$0.3507/31/2020
NAICS Code 812113 nail salons 47,393$0.1008/02/2020
American Beauty salon Owners and Managers60,579$0.1107/30/2020
Beauty salon and Barber Shop Equipment and Supplies Wholesalers12,301$0.2008/02/2020
Beauty salon Magazine Subscribers58,285$0.2007/29/2020
Beauty salon Professionals320,719$0.1107/30/2020
Beauty salons , Spas and Cosmetology Professionals326,082$0.2207/26/2020
Beauty salons and Industry293,508$0.2007/27/2020
Beauty salons and Services232,464$0.2308/01/2020
Beauty salons Business261,594$0.2008/02/2020
Beauty salons in Alabama4,852$0.1108/03/2020
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