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Debt Refinancing Mailing Lists

TitleChannelsUniverseCost/LeadLast Update
Consumers Paying Off Debt1,559,622$0.1809/24/2019
Consumers with Student Debt3,810,088$0.1909/16/2019
Debt Consolidation Responders5,444,582$0.0809/20/2019
Debt Consolidation Seekers6,186,444$0.0809/16/2019
Debt Counseling Service Companies3,054$0.1009/17/2019
Debt Relief Credit Card Holders3,702,179$0.1109/17/2019
Debt Settlement Responders By State2,964,769$0.1409/21/2019
Debtors in the U.S. - Americans with Debt104,767,376$0.1809/20/2019
Financial - Debt Busters Responders6,874,401$0.0809/16/2019
Get Me Out of Debt! - In Debt Consumers22,274,319$0.1909/17/2019
SIC Code 72991001 - Debt Counseling or Adjustment Service, Individuals1,327$0.1009/18/2019
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