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TitleChannelsUniversePriceLast Update
Actively Planning to Move Or Buy A HomeCall for CountCall for Price11/16/2018
American Sports Events GamblersCall for CountCall for Price11/12/2018
Animal Cruelty PrEvention665,714$ 80.00 / M11/15/2018
Couples Planning to Marry141,873$ 120.00 / M11/14/2018
Current Events and Politics Enthusiasts25,287,719$ 80.00 / M11/16/2018
Donors/Supporters for PrEventing Gun ViolenceCall for CountCall for Price11/09/2018
Eventful Opt-In Email Subscribers and Internet BuyersCall for CountCall for Price11/12/2018
Freelance Corporate Event PlannersCall for CountCall for Price11/16/2018
Gay Party and Event Attendees @ EmailCall for CountCall for Price11/16/2018
IFS Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) B2B Information Technology Users40,456$ 600.00 / M11/15/2018
Microsoft Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) B2B Information Technology Users71,671$ 600.00 / M11/12/2018
Microsoft Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Business to Business Information Technology Users43,213$ 600.00 / M11/13/2018
SAP Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) B2B IT Users175,097$ 600.00 / M11/11/2018
Tennis and Gold Event Attendees90,938$ 80.00 / M11/13/2018
Wedding PlanningCall for CountCall for Price11/08/2018
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