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Mailing lists with "Hair Salons" in the title

TitleChannelsUniverseCost/LeadLast Update
hair salons501,325$0.1011/21/2020
hair Care Products Stores1,526$0.3511/23/2020
hair Colorists5,005$0.1811/16/2020
hair Enthusiasts By Location2,115,256$0.1911/20/2020
hair Growth Products Purchasers75,995$0.0811/18/2020
hair Products and Cosmetics Consumers3,062,705$0.0811/19/2020
hair Stylists/Cosmetologists44,500$0.2011/23/2020
hair Weaving and Replacement salons1,700$0.3511/20/2020
Cosmetologists + hair and Beauty salons File344,163$0.1011/18/2020
Heath and Beauty Aids and hair and Tanning salons382,710$0.2311/22/2020
SIC Code 72319902 - Unisex hair salons23,850$0.1011/19/2020
Unisex hair salons18,395$0.2011/18/2020
Balding and hair Loss Product Buyers330,442$0.0811/22/2020
Barber, hairdresser, and Cosmetologist> 100,000$0.1011/20/2020
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