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Hair Salons Mailing Lists

TitleChannelsUniverseCost/LeadLast Update
Balding and Hair Loss Product Buyers330,442$0.0804/08/2020
Beauty Salons , Spas and Cosmetology Professionals326,082$0.2204/03/2020
Beauty Salons and Industry293,508$0.2004/08/2020
Beauty Salons and Services232,464$0.2304/03/2020
Beauty Salons Business261,594$0.2004/01/2020
Beauty Salons in Alabama4,852$0.1103/30/2020
Beauty Salons in Arizona4,075$0.1104/04/2020
Beauty Salons in Arkansas2,827$0.1104/04/2020
Beauty Salons in California35,442$0.1104/01/2020
Beauty Salons in Colorado4,416$0.1104/03/2020
Beauty Salons in Connecticut3,109$0.1104/04/2020
Beauty Salons in Florida18,738$0.1104/04/2020
Beauty Salons in Georgia12,159$0.1104/07/2020
Beauty Salons in Illinois11,995$0.1104/06/2020
Beauty Salons in Indiana6,037$0.1103/30/2020
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