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Republican Mailing Lists

TitleChannelsUniversePriceLast Update
Affluent and Influential Republican DonorsCall for CountCall for Price02/16/2019
Affluent Republican Donors1,614,675$ 80.00 / M02/21/2019
America'S Richest RepublicansCall for CountCall for Price02/13/2019
Baby Boomers For the Republican PartyCall for CountCall for Price02/17/2019
Campaign Season - Wealthy Republican Donors202,968$ 200.00 / M02/14/2019
Christian Donors To Republican Candidates2,130,837$ 175.00 / M02/13/2019
Classy RepublicansCall for CountCall for Price02/14/2019
Conservative Republican Voters2,196,016$ 80.00 / M02/14/2019
Devoted Republican Donors35,131$ 130.00 / M02/22/2019
Flag Waving Republican DonorsCall for CountCall for Price02/21/2019
GOP High Dollar Republican Campaign DonorsCall for CountCall for Price02/13/2019
Hardcore Republican Email RespondersCall for CountCall for Price02/19/2019
Hispanic Conservatives and Republicans1,157,731$ 200.00 / M02/22/2019
Jewish Republican DonorsCall for CountCall for Price02/19/2019
Multiple Donors to Republican Causes48,986$ 110.00 / M02/13/2019
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