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Republican Mailing Lists

TitleChannelsUniverseCost/LeadLast Update
Affluent Republican Donors1,614,675$0.0804/04/2020
Campaign Season - Wealthy Republican Donors202,968$0.2003/31/2020
Christian Donors To Republican Candidates2,130,837$0.1803/31/2020
Conservative Republican Voters2,196,016$0.0804/06/2020
Devoted Republican Donors35,131$0.1303/30/2020
Multiple Donors to Republican Causes48,986$0.1104/05/2020
Registered Republican Voters13,537,328$0.0804/01/2020
Republican City Mailing List150$0.1004/01/2020
Republican Election Planners44,468$0.0804/02/2020
Republican Households17,021,330$0.0804/06/2020
Republican Ideals Supporters By State43,755$0.1304/07/2020
Republican Party Donors400,804$0.0803/30/2020
Republican Party Fundraisers and Donors1,057,166$0.1804/07/2020
Republican Political Donors595,459$0.1104/08/2020
Republican Political Supporters1,164,870$0.0804/02/2020
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