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Retail And Service Industry Mailing Lists

Accenture System Security Services B2B Information Technology Users276,198
Adult Dating Service Subscribers1,028,669
Auto Warranty And Service Plan BuyersCall for Count
AVG System Security Services B2B Information Technology Users578,235
Catalog And Retail BuyersCall for Count
Cell Phone Users by Service Provider43,669,540
Christian Service Organization ContributorCall for Count
Civil Service Workers - Home Address6,403
Community Service: Animal Shelter VolunteersCall for Count
Consumers with Retail CardsCall for Count
Dating Service Responders1,769,963
Dating Service Subscribers1,919,282
Dating Service UsersCall for Count
Employment Service And Job Training DonorsCall for Count
Entertainment Publication And Service Subscribers77,319,221
External Storage Service UsersCall for Count
Financial Service Seekers4,553,832
Gay Dating Service UsersCall for Count
Golf Related Service SubscribersCall for Count
Hispanic Credit Repair Services Seekers541,682
Hispanic Retail Credit Card ShoppersCall for Count
Hispanic Retail ShoppersCall for Count
Internet Dating Service Subscribers1,548,655
Internet Dating Service UsersCall for Count
Internet Service CustomersCall for Count
Jewish Upscale Retail BuyersCall for Count
Knitting, Needlepoint, And Sewing Retail BuyersCall for Count
Lawn Service ResponderCall for Count
McAfee, Inc. System Security Services B2B IT Users29,584
Media Services Responders2,960,897
Men's Retail BuyersCall for Count
Military Service Donors25,349
Mobile Phone Customers With Service Provider11,572,088
NICE Systems System Security Services B2B Information Technology Users100,498
Nursing Services BuyersCall for Count
Online Dating Service Subscribers845,101
Opt in Email Retail Shoppers And WhereCall for Count
Petroleum Industry Publications SubscribersCall for Count
Rehabilitation Programs And Services17,643
Retail Card HoldersCall for Count
Retail Lovers - Upscale Department Store Buyers4,264,616
Retail Professionals by StateCall for Count
Retail Store Consumers3,624,040
Returning Service Members - Veterans Using VA Benefits9,487,580
Shoes Stores Industry Professionals132,768
Siebel Service & Support Management B2B Information Technology Users25,518
Sports Touting Service BuyersCall for Count
Symantec System Security Services B2B Information Technology Users2,206,895
Tax Preparation Service RespondersCall for Count
Tax Service Seekers692,015
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