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Part Time Job Seeker Mailing Lists

TitleChannelsUniverseCost/LeadLast Update
Active Job Opportunists3,083,043$0.1208/14/2019
Active Job Opportunity Seekers5,136,357$0.0808/11/2019
Bank Executives by State and Job Title196,466$0.1808/15/2019
Big Time Real Estate - Wealthy Property Owners4,027,910$0.2008/12/2019
Business Owners by Job Title2,608,602$0.2308/16/2019
First Time Credit Card Users3,438,309$0.0808/10/2019
First Time Engagements1,719,768$0.0808/10/2019
First Time New Home Owners2,066,425$0.1808/19/2019
Government Officials by Job Title39,856$0.2208/16/2019
Government Professionals by Job Title42,194$0.1808/18/2019
Job Seekers617,050$0.0808/16/2019
Job Seekers and Business Professionals23,343,625$0.0808/14/2019
Job Seeking Individuals726,214$0.0808/14/2019
Job Wanted! - US Opportunity Seekers8,937,803$0.1808/19/2019
Living Large - Time Share Owners with Income Over 500K1,627,134$0.2008/17/2019
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