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Mailing lists with "Part Time Job Seeker" in the title

TitleChannelsUniverseCost/LeadLast Update
part-Time Real Estate Brokers1,501,767$0.2010/22/2020
partitions and Fixtures Manufacturers1,528$0.3510/22/2020
partridge Mailing List248$0.1010/28/2020
party and Household Equipment Rental Companies30,793$0.2210/20/2020
party Favors Stores2,785$0.5010/24/2020
party Planning Services5,839$0.2010/27/2020
party Supplies Rental Services4,572$0.5010/29/2020
Beach party! - timeshare Owners Near Resorts1,676,441$0.1810/24/2020
timeshare Promotions participants1,709,312$0.1810/27/2020
Active job Opportunity seekers5,136,357$0.0810/29/2020
job seekers617,050$0.0810/27/2020
job seekers and Business Professionals23,343,625$0.0810/21/2020
job Wanted! - US Opportunity seekers8,937,803$0.1810/28/2020
Responsive job seekers724,808$0.1110/24/2020
Unemployed job seekers1,229,024$0.1810/20/2020
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