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Mailing lists with "Wedding Planner" in the title

TitleChannelsUniverseCost/LeadLast Update
wedding Consultants2,782$0.1808/03/2020
wedding Organizing Couples479,475$0.1307/31/2020
Bridal and wedding Ceremonies241,460$0.2208/05/2020
Bridal Shops and wedding Consultants9,380$0.1808/06/2020
Privately Operated wedding Chapels2,870$0.1808/07/2020
SIC Code 72990503 - wedding Chapel, Privately Operated1,982$0.1008/09/2020
SIC Code 72990504 - wedding Consultant3,419$0.1007/31/2020
An Affair to Remember - Event and Party planners16,815$0.1908/04/2020
Association Meeting planners Business12,098$0.2208/09/2020
Business Meeting planners26,635$0.1808/01/2020
Charity Event planners12,547$0.2208/04/2020
Corporate Business planners48,051$0.1308/04/2020
Corporate Event and Meeting planners28,863$0.1008/06/2020
Event planners and Convention Coordinators8,598$0.1908/03/2020
Financial planners at Accounting Firms11,267$0.2008/02/2020
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