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Mailing lists with "Doctor" in the title

TitleChannelsUniverseCost/LeadLast Update
doctor's Office Staff Operations and Management12,273$0.2309/21/2020
doctors - Group Practice110,582$0.1909/19/2020
doctors (Physicians) in U.S.385,696$0.2009/20/2020
doctors by Medical Specialty309,213$0.1809/17/2020
doctors by Specialty454,955$0.1109/17/2020
doctors of Chemistry23,917$0.2209/18/2020
doctors Receiving Medical Publications94,622$0.2209/17/2020
American doctors of Podiatry15,857$0.0809/21/2020
Cardiologist Physicians and doctors20,452$0.2009/19/2020
Ear doctors By State3,971$0.1309/22/2020
Engineering doctors, Scientists, Professors118,027$0.1909/23/2020
General Practitioner Physicians/Doctors302,548$0.2009/20/2020
Medical doctor Office and Clinic Locations428,884$0.2009/26/2020
Medical doctors Across the United States4,951$0.1109/19/2020
Medical doctors and Specialists401,467$0.1909/20/2020
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