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Barber Shop Mailing Lists

TitleChannelsUniverseCost/LeadLast Update
Fashionable Shoppers in Barberton, Ohio7,233$0.1105/15/2019
24/7 Home Shoppers DRTV Buyers 38,000$0.1505/12/2019
4x4 Shoppers - Truck Related Catalog Buyers and Requestors26,058,563$0.1905/18/2019
Active Online Shoppers5,221,526$0.2005/12/2019
Active Shoppers Who Use Credit Cards6,425,330$0.1205/20/2019
African American Online Shoppers1,886,827$0.2005/15/2019
American Home Shoppers> 100,000$0.0905/16/2019
Australian Shoppers- Australia> 100,000$0.0905/15/2019
Avid Online Shoppers> 100,000$0.0905/11/2019
Baby and Toddler Apparel Shoppers> 100,000$0.0905/19/2019
Bargain Shoppers> 100,000$0.0905/12/2019
Bass Pro Shops Catalog Buyers> 100,000$0.0905/17/2019
Bedding Shoppers> 100,000$0.0905/15/2019
Broadband Internet Shoppers> 100,000$0.0905/20/2019
Canadian Holistic Health Shoppers> 100,000$0.0905/13/2019
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