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Mailing lists with "Tax Advice" in the title

TitleChannelsUniverseCost/LeadLast Update
tax Examiner, Collector, and Revenue Agent> 100,000$0.1007/08/2020
tax Exempt Organizations - email addresses47,380$0.1507/10/2020
tax Preparation Services in California7,771$0.1107/03/2020
tax Reform Supporters87,175$0.1107/02/2020
tax Return Filers517,509$0.0807/10/2020
tax Return Preparation Services55,285$0.2007/09/2020
tax Return Preparation Services Across the United States58,859$0.1107/07/2020
tax Return Preparation Services by State54,218$0.2007/07/2020
tax Service Seekers692,015$0.0807/05/2020
tax Services Offer Responders606,278$0.0807/03/2020
taxi Driver and Chauffeur> 100,000$0.1007/07/2020
Money advice - Financial Newsletter Subscribers21,084,430$0.2007/08/2020
NAICS Code 523930 Investment advice 51,169$0.1007/05/2020
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