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Mailing lists with "Department Store" in the title

TitleChannelsUniverseCost/LeadLast Update
department store Purchasers4,141,742$0.1907/08/2020
department stores Across the United States25,373$0.1107/10/2020
department stores and Superstores38,839$0.1007/12/2020
department stores29,911$0.2007/05/2020
Discount department stores14,569$0.2007/11/2020
Retail Lovers - Upscale department store Buyers4,264,616$0.2007/05/2020
SIC Code 5311 - department stores28,468$0.1007/05/2020
SIC Code 53119901 - department stores, Discount13,785$0.1007/10/2020
SIC Code 53119902 - department stores, Non-Discount3,715$0.1007/04/2020
Fire and Police department Chiefs141,430$0.2107/03/2020
Fire department Professionals31,055$0.1307/05/2020
Fire departments6,565$0.2007/10/2020
Government Agencies and departments17,893$0.2007/03/2020
Government departments By Specialty213,186$0.1207/07/2020
SIC Code 92249901 - Fire department, Not Including Volunteer12,883$0.1007/05/2020
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