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Mailing lists with "School" in the title

TitleChannelsUniverseCost/LeadLast Update
school Administrators7,443$0.1007/31/2020
school and Career Counselor> 100,000$0.1007/28/2020
school Athletic Directors6,455$0.1008/03/2020
school Boards5,654$0.2008/03/2020
school Buses3,130$0.5008/01/2020
school Food Service Directors17,820$0.1008/03/2020
school Fundraisers and Donors69,435$0.1807/28/2020
school Librarians30,808$0.1007/30/2020
school Principals and Assistant Principals938,693$0.1007/31/2020
schools and Education355,983$0.2207/28/2020
schools and Educational Services82,999$0.2008/01/2020
schools and Educational Services in Florida5,720$0.1107/29/2020
schools and Educational Services in Georgia3,140$0.1108/03/2020
schools and Educational Services in New York5,708$0.1107/27/2020
schools and Educational Services in Pennsylvania2,912$0.1107/27/2020
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