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Mailing lists with "Hotels And Lodging" in the title

TitleChannelsUniverseCost/LeadLast Update
hotels (except Casino hotels) and Motels in California7,553$0.1110/15/2020
hotels (except Casino hotels) and Motels in Florida5,876$0.1110/11/2020
hotels (except Casino hotels) and Motels in New York3,174$0.1110/20/2020
hotels (except Casino hotels) and Motels in Texas5,798$0.1110/16/2020
hotels and Motels124,720$0.2010/20/2020
hotels and Motels Across the United States94,073$0.1110/20/2020
hotels and Motels by State113,920$0.2010/20/2020
hotels and Motels in California9,508$0.1110/18/2020
hotels and Motels in Florida7,565$0.1110/12/2020
hotels and Motels in Georgia3,018$0.1110/13/2020
hotels and Motels in Michigan3,138$0.1110/11/2020
hotels and Motels in New York4,566$0.1110/16/2020
hotels and Motels in North Carolina2,789$0.1110/17/2020
hotels and Motels in Pennsylvania3,212$0.1110/15/2020
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