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Active Military Personnel in DeLaware3,539
African American Households in DeLaware46,888
African American Students in DeLaware by Education Level45,013
Ailments by State - Hearing Difficulty in DeLaware5,138
All About the Vanity - Fashion Lovers in Bear, DeLaware5,624
Allergy Sufferers in DeLaware4,364
Americans with MaLawian Surnames1,792
Animal Rights Supporters in Wilmington, DeLaware8,096
Animal Welfare Supporters in DeLaware38,623
Animal Welfare Supporters in Lawrence, Kansas2,986
Animal Welfare Supporters in Lawrenceville, Georgia4,042
Animal Welfare Supporters in Lawton, Oklahoma3,461
Animal Welfare Supporters in Newark, DeLaware4,530
Antique Collectors in Lawrenceville, Georgia24,656
Antique Collectors in Newark, DeLaware22,337
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