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Mailing lists with "Adult" in the title

TitleChannelsUniverseCost/LeadLast Update
adult - High Rollers72,201$0.0811/20/2020
adult - Tobacco Responders302,763$0.0811/20/2020
adult Children with Live-In Parents3,150,000$0.0811/18/2020
adult Dating Service Subscribers1,028,669$0.0811/15/2020
adult Day Care Centers4,902$0.5011/23/2020
adult Day Care Centers By State4,307$0.1111/21/2020
adult Entertainment Club Members1,348,656$0.0811/16/2020
adult Film and Magazine Buyers63,766$0.1211/23/2020
adult Literacy and Geed Teacher> 100,000$0.1011/22/2020
adult Oriented Mail Order Buyers1,295,767$0.0811/19/2020
adult Oriented Products Consumers4,348,848$0.0811/23/2020
adult Oriented Responders4,400,200$0.0811/22/2020
adult Playtime1,216,615$0.0811/16/2020
adult Smokers1,130,994$0.0811/19/2020
adults Products Consumers27,510$0.1411/23/2020
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