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"Car Insurance" Mailing lists

TitleChannelsUniverseCost/LeadLast Update
Car Insurance Owners2,197,972$0.1809/24/2022
Car Buyers2,234,334$0.1809/24/2022
Car Collectors68,755$0.1809/21/2022
Car Deal Subscribers1,594,856$0.1809/28/2022
Car Dealers101,677$0.3009/19/2022
Car Enthusiasts By State57,689$0.1809/21/2022
Car Owners and Collectors97,043,366$0.1809/26/2022
Car Rental Companies25,117$0.3009/25/2022
Car Repair Shops, Services and Supplies116,934$0.3009/19/2022
Car Washes in California3,838$0.3009/20/2022
Car Washes in Florida3,750$0.3009/27/2022
Car Washes in Texas2,913$0.3009/27/2022
Car, Van and Truck Fleet Magazine Subscribers19,352$0.3009/26/2022
Cardio! - Women interested in Aerobic Exercise4,610,508$0.1809/19/2022
Cardiologist and Cardio-Vascular Specialists9,745$0.3009/28/2022
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