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26 July 2020

4 Effective Ways to Reach Your Customers In Uncertain Times

During the past few months, it’s been especially difficult for small and medium-sized businesses to stay connected to their customers and find new prospects. Many have been unexpectedly shut down for an extended period and are now just getting back on their feet. We’re sharing the most effective ways to reach your customers during these uncertain times so you can recover financially and grow your business in the process.

1. Boost Your Customer Service Efforts 

First and foremost, make it clear to customers that you’re back and ready to help them, especially during these difficult times. Ensure that your employees are prepared for an influx of customer service calls and that you have the bandwidth to accommodate these. If you own a storefront, make it easy for customers to find your current store hours online and send out frequent communications via email to keep them notified of any additional changes as they come. 

2. Adapt To a New Way of Doing Business  

Reaching your customers during the COVID pandemic and beyond will look much different than your previous marketing plan. Customers expect that you’ve taken every precaution to ensure their safety when they visit your store in person and that you’re ready to provide them with exceptional customer service when doing business online. Like you they have many added stressors in their life right now and want to work with businesses that will help put their mind at ease while helping them save time and money in the process. 

3. Use Effective Email Marketing

It’s now more important than ever to make sure that you’re prepared to shift your current marketing strategy to better reach new customers. In fact, during a time when many people are spending more time at home, it’s the perfect time to ramp up your email marketing efforts to drum up new business without going over your budget. 

An email list is a great way to make it easy for you to target your specific audience to create the perfect combination of prospective customers to meet your sales needs and avoid the added stress of trying to find new business yourself.

4. Be Authentic and Stay True to Your Brand

Readjust your brand messaging to be sensitive to the current times. Consumers are eager to read positive and authentic messages from brands and much more likely to do business with companies that align with their core values. They’re not in the mood for a sales pitch, so shift your way of thinking to avoid distancing yourself from your customers and new business. 

Every single interaction with your customers is an opportunity to demonstrate what your organization stands for. Show them what you’re doing to help make a positive change during these uncertain times and show them empathy and compassion while sticking to your company’s core values to positively impact your business.

As you get back up and running after the shutdown, you may notice that your previous efforts to reach new customers have changed altogether. Exact Data is here to help you recover quicker from the COVID pandemic with the opportunity to target a new audience. We work with our customers to acquire new customers cost-effectively. We provide highly targeted email, postal, and phone lists to effectively reach out to prospective customers from the comfort of their home. 

We use our 20 years of experience to provide exceptional service and data that you can rely on and trust. We look forward to helping you recover quickly and grow your business in the process. Contact us today for a free quote.