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20 May 2020

Exact Data Supports Manufacturer’s Initiative to Quickly to Promote Mask Production

In the wake of global pandemic COVID-19, many businesses have been forced to switch their direction. Exact Data was also there on the front lines ready to act quickly and service these businesses from a data marketing perspective and it seemed to pay off for many companies. 

One in particular being a domestic manufacturing company that swiftly switched all their operations to creating face masks for the medical community. This company needed to promote their mass production of masks FAST. How do they let the proper demographic know they now have these face masks right away? Enter Exact Data who provided this company with 50,000 targeted records specifically tailored to hospitals and medical centers. After seeing much success with their Exact Data purchase, they now have the confidence to utilize this marketing tool to maximize revenue streams in these challenging times. 

"From the quick turn with counts to the accuracy of those counts, the advice, feedback, and suggestions have proven to be invaluable when working with our customers who either don't know exactly who their targets are or try to be so granular they limit their prospecting," says the production company. 

Is your business switching gears to target a brand new audience following this pandemic in a timely manner? Exact Data sources consumer data from a national database with approximately 230 million email records, postal addresses, and telephone numbers paired with all of the technology and tools to search for your ideal audience in real-time. These records are updated frequently to ensure the optimal deliverability of your marketing message. The technology available to market via email and postal puts you in the driver's seat when it applies to who you want to reach and where you want to reach them.
Contact Exact Data today and learn how you can acquire new customers cost-effectively with highly targeted email, postal, and phone lists. For nearly 20 years, the experts at Exact Data provide the service and data you can expect and trust.