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30 November 2020

Four Reasons You Need to Try a Direct Mail Marketing Campaign

With the recent rise of COVID-19, the way we shop and consume advertising has shifted drastically. Many individuals are not ready to return to in-store shopping the way they did before, and many are spending more time than ever at home. Directly contacting your customers at home is the perfect way to continue marketing while shifting your marketing efforts to meet consumers’ current needs. Using a direct mail marketing campaign is an excellent strategy for B2C businesses to try out. In this blog post, we’ll cover what exactly a direct mail marketing campaign is, share some examples, and go over the advantages of this marketing technique

What is a Direct Mail Marketing Campaign? 

A direct mail marketing campaign is one where a business sends physical mail, including letters, packages, brochures, postcards, or other gift items, to prospects or current customers. While it’s used for both B2C and B2B marketing purposes, it’s currently more effective (and used more frequently) on consumers, especially during a time when many offices are still shut down. When you use direct mail marketing, you send a physical correspondence to customers to try and increase sales and build brand awareness and loyalty. 

If you’re planning a direct mail marketing campaign, make sure that everything you send is branded and identifiable to help build brand awareness. Include a clear call-to-action directing customers what to do next, and make sure that your contact information, social media platforms, and store location (if applicable) are included, too. Direct mail campaigns are highly effective and have an incredible return on investment (ROI). 

Examples of Direct Mail Campaigns

You can go far beyond just traditional promotional mail, brochures, or postcards. It’s important to utilize this strategy as an opportunity to connect with your target audience and stand out by sending something unexpected along in the mail. 

Instead of just sending a promotion in the mail, consider creating something interactive, like a scratch-off promotion or a scavenger hunt with other local businesses. Consider replacing a holiday card with a DIY hot chocolate kit or a small gift card to a coffee shop. There are many ways to stand out and show your customers you care, as well as stick out in their minds for years to come. Here are some more examples of direct mail ideas.



4 Reasons You Should Implement a Direct Mail Campaign 

There are many reasons why direct mail marketing is highly effective. It’s a powerful way to connect with your customers and make a lasting impression, far beyond an email or social media post. Let’s dive right into some of the advantages of this marketing technique so you can quickly be on your way to creating your next direct mail campaign!  

Direct Mail is Tangible and Interactive

When you send out an email, it’s easy for it to get lost in an overcrowded inbox before being deleted, all before a customer opens it and sees what you have to say. Direct mail is a breath of fresh air for many consumers. Before deciding whether to keep something, the recipient will typically look at the piece of mail. So with direct mail, you know that people are actually seeing your offers and promotions, and getting to know your business. 

Plus, with the creativity you can implement with direct mail, you have an opportunity to make things interactive by including physical items or coupons. This helps entice a person to follow up on your call-to-action, making it more likely that you’ll have people follow-through. 

It’s Personalized and Memorable

With direct mail, you can create a highly personalized, memorable experience. Getting mail is so different than getting an email or seeing a social post. Instead, it’s an experience. It’s tangible. Getting something in the mail evokes a sense of nostalgia, like the comfort of getting mail from friends or family. If you’re sending mail, consider personalizing whatever it is with a handwritten note (or at least a genuine signature). These small gestures will have a positive impact on your marketing efforts while building lasting connections with your customers. Plus, 48% of people retain direct mail for future reference, meaning your direct mail campaign will have a longer lifespan than other forms of direct marketing. 

There’s Less Competition

Most companies have majorly scaled back physical marketing, and are instead focusing solely on digital marketing and social media advertising. 39% of customers say they try a business for the first time because of direct-mail advertising, so it goes to show that direct mail marketing is a great way to grow your business. 

The more colorful, creative, and engaging a piece of physical mail is, the more likely someone will not only open it but keep it and be excited about whatever’s inside. This helps you stand out from the crowd. People don’t expect physical mail from their favorite businesses—and they definitely don’t expect a fun, engaging mail that doesn't feel overly sales-y. Take the time to implement a creative, impactful direct mail marketing campaign for incredible results. 

Direct Mail Is Easy to Track and Less Saturated Than Email

You might be worried about tracking the ROI on direct mail campaigns. Don’t worry! This is actually super simple. If you’re going to include a promotional code or coupon/offer, just make sure to note what the code is and track when it is used. It’s simple and easy! 

The other huge advantage here is how unsaturated this marketing space is compared to email. Think about it as a consumer for a second. How many emails do you receive on a daily basis, especially promotional emails? How many do you open? How many do you actually click on a link within and head to a website and make a purchase? It’s such a highly saturated space. Of course, email marketing is worth doing and can be powerful in its own way, but adding direct mail can be a great supplement to your marketing strategy. 

Adding a direct mail marketing campaign to your overall strategy can create incredible results. It’s an easy way to be creative and make a lasting impression on consumers. Exact Data’s ready-made lists make it easy to add direct mail marketing to your marketing plan. Direct mail helps you stand out and reach customers in a whole new way. Grow your business now by expanding your audience through a direct marketing campaign.