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07 March 2021

Improve Your Business & Marketing Results With Data Appends

News flash: collecting and processing accurate data can make or break your business. More than ever before, data impacts your ability to make decisions and create targeted experiences for your customers. Sometimes, your data isn’t fully complete, and that’s where data append services really come in handy! 

If you aren’t using and optimizing data in your business, you’re missing out on opportunities to gain incredible results. With data append services, you can fill in those gaps and make the most of your customer data, no matter your niche or industry. 

Updating your data is clearly very important, so in today’s blog post, let’s go ahead and cover what data append services are, why they’re important, and the different types you might use in your business (plus, we’ll go over how Exact Data can help you with these services!). Let’s get cracking. 


What Are Data Append Services? 

Data appends involve adding new elements of data to your existing database. You probably have collected some information on your clients and customers, but most likely, it’s not exhaustive! Data appends take the information you already have, match it up to a larger business database, and then fill in the missing data information for you. aka abracadabra and boom: everything you’ve been looking for, now at your fingertips.


For example, if you have a customer’s email address, you may want to be able to send out a birthday promotion or segment your list based on age, location, or even income level. All of these types of data can be obtained to some degree using data append services. 

You can use that data for marketing, analysis, and personalization purposes. 


Why Are They Important? 

No matter what type of business you have, data makes up the heart of personalized, successful marketing and decision-making. But your current data may not get you the best possible results. 

Most people are unable to collect perfect, complete data all at once for all of their customers. Especially as you grow and scale your business, there are going to be instances of out-of-date information, inaccurate data, and even data that’s missing entirely. 

That’s okay! With data appends, you can add and update information without giving yourself a huge headache. 

Reliable data append services add things like phone numbers and email addresses to complete customer profiles and provide helpful, actionable new information, even on your prospective customers. This will help you keep your marketing campaigns relevant and your business decisions as accurate as possible. 

Basically, data append services help breathe new life into your current database to maximize your efforts. You can expand and reach customers in new ways, plus get more personalized and segmented or targeted in how you connect with customers. 

They also give you a competitive advantage. Many business owners don’t take advantage of the amazing opportunity offered by data append services, but when you do, you’re going to uplevel your data without the stress. That’s a huge win! 


Types of Data Append Services

There are several different types of data append services you can use in your business. Let’s go over some of the common data append services so that you know what’s best for you! 


1. Phone Appends

You might notice that your current database is missing phone data information. Contact information, like phone numbers, is super helpful in allowing you to contact your customers. If you already have data but are missing phone numbers, data append services use names and addresses to cross-reference and find them for you. 

Phone numbers are one of the most valuable pieces of marketing data, especially since they can be hard to come by. Exact Data’s database of over 210,000,000 people boosts your chances of supplementing your information with those treasured customer phone numbers. Say it with me, “ooooh, aaaah.” 

Phone numbers offer an opportunity for highly personalized marketing, so you’ll want this data in your pocket for future strategic decisions. 


2. Social Media Appends

A social media append helps you add correct social media account information to your database that matches up with customer email addresses. Social media offers you an incredible opportunity to not only connect with your customers and increase brand awareness but also to make sure you’re consistently visible to your customers. 

To use Exact Data’s social media append service, you’d simply submit your current database of emails that you’d like to find matching social media data for. We’ll use our database (which has nearly 300 million contacts) to add the social media account information tied to each email address. This will really help you improve your marketing efforts in a super-fast, efficient way. 


3. Email Appends

Okay, so we’ve covered two popular data append services: phone appends and social media appends, which both use email addresses and other data to find supplemental data. But what if you need those email addresses? Don’t worry! Exact Data offers email appending services too. We use company names, customer names, and physical addresses to find email addresses and add them to your list. 

Email marketing is incredibly vital to any strong marketing strategy. That’s why using Exact Data’s data append services will help you grow! 

With Exact Data’s easy-to-use data append service and social media append services, you’re going to get a more holistic view of your customers. We’ll help you add depth to your customer list and fill in any gaps so that you can create better results and make great decisions for your business. 

At Exact Data, we locate missing data and add updated information for contacts within your database. Our data append service allows you to optimize your list to significantly increase your deliverability rate, reactivate past customers, enhance your data, and make contact with new customers. To get started give us a call at 877.440.3282.