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31 January 2021

The Best Way To Boost B2B Sales

Marketing is always changing. To be seen (and believed), modern marketing requires you to constantly shift and adapt, so you can kiss your current cookie-cutter content goodbye. There is some good news, though. Keeping customer data in a B2B database will lessen your load and allow for some easy consistency. Let me explain. 

With customer data, you’re able to radically change the way you market and effectively reach your customers. This helps you grow your business—and after all, that’s every business owner’s ultimate goal! 

You need to focus on marketing data (ahem…*accurate* marketing data) about your customers to create the best results. But how do you go about doing this? It’s simpler than it sounds.

Here are some of the main reasons why your marketing should be data-driven, and some reasons why data will change the way you do business (for good!) 

Why Is B2B Data Important? 

Alright, if we’ve learned one thing about marketing, it’s this—if you’re serious about your business, then you should be serious about your business’s data. And if you haven’t heard by now, data is your company’s most valuable asset. Data shapes and drives your sales and marketing decisions, and allows you to get a full picture of who you’re talking to when you make those decisions. 

Marketing relies on data, and to make effective marketing decisions, you need to focus on data! Data is an important part of boosting B2B sales, but it’s also important in cultivating valuable customer relationships and making the best possible decisions for your business. 

Are you a believer yet? Here’s some data to back up what we’re saying about data. 89% of B2B businesses believe that quality customer data access is critical to making marketing campaigns successful and boosting sales. There, I said it.

How to Boost B2B Sales Using Data

Your business relies on data and analytics in a number of ways, and as a business owner, data should drive the way you make decisions. Strategic marketing decisions come from a place of knowledge—you wouldn’t buy a new car without having any clue about its features or cost, and your marketing decisions likewise shouldn’t be made without applying analytics from customer data. 

Without fully understanding the many benefits of using customer data, you might not see its value or focus on it in your own business. 

Here are some of the best ways to boost your sales and drive revenue with accurate B2B data. 

Keep Things Personalized and Build Connections

The more personalized your marketing is, the more effective it is. Personalization helps you build valuable connections and set up a foundation for solid customer relationships. Like building a friendship in real life, your customers need to get to know your business, and you need to get to know them. 

The more you know about your customers, the more personalized you can make your content—and the more powerful that content will become in impacting your customers. 

Think about your customer’s problems. What keeps them up at night and stresses them out? What makes them feel trust and confidence in a business? How are they spending their time online and offline, and where can you fit into their lives? 


Create B2B content that shows your buyers how your business is the ultimate solution to their problems. This allows you to create an emotional (and logical!) appeal that many buyers won’t be able to resist. 

Identify and Reach Your Ideal Target Audience

The foundation of strong marketing (and let’s face it: a successful business, too) is knowing who your ideal target audience is and how to reach them. First, you narrow down your target audience and get specific, and then you can market to them in a specific, relevant, and purposeful way. 

Data can help you do this! Maybe before you started your business, you had a vague idea about who you wanted to market to. But now, with data, you can get a clear picture of who your biggest buyers are and what they need. 

Then, you can develop an Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) and base your marketing fully around that ideal customer. Analyze your current customer base and look for similarities and patterns. Then, focus your efforts on the best audience, knowing that your decisions are driven by data patterns and knowledge. Have your cake and eat it, too.

Acquire New Customers and Leads

To grow your revenue, you have to acquire new leads and foster those leads to become customers. Data is the key to doing that! 

Your data will (no pun intended) lead you to new leads. B2B databases can help you reach the right people in a highly targeted way. Data is essential to generating leads effectively, so investing in data is so important. Let me say it again for the people in the back. INVESTING IN DATA IS IMPORTANT.

Refine Your Marketing Strategy

Marketing takes time to perfect, and you constantly need to make little tweaks here and there in order to find success. Data helps you navigate the waters of marketing by understanding what’s working for you in your strategy and what’s not working well. 

You can analyze your sales and traffic to get a snapshot of what stages of your funnel are working, and where you can improve. 

How do people move through your marketing pieces and sales cycle? When you use data to evaluate your marketing campaigns, every aspect of future campaigns generates more data. You create an endless feedback loop that you can use to consistently adjust and grow with your numbers as new insights come up. 

Data is an amazingly effective way to generate leads, reach customers, and increase conversions and sales. 

If you’re focused on generating consistent leads and understanding customer data, let Exact Data help you create targeted lists. We make it easy to reach your ideal audience so you can use your newly created landing page to seal the deal and secure new customers.