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Credit Card Mailing Lists

TitleChannelsUniversePriceLast Update
Active Credit Card SeekersCall for CountCall for Price02/21/2019
Active Credit Card UsersCall for CountCall for Price02/19/2019
Active Credit Card Users By Type, Limit and Date IssuedCall for CountCall for Price02/17/2019
Active Shoppers Who Use Credit Cards6,425,330$ 120.00 / M02/15/2019
African American Credit Card Holders by StateCall for CountCall for Price02/18/2019
African American Credit Card Users7,017,391$ 80.00 / M02/15/2019
American Consumer Credit Card DatabaseCall for CountCall for Price02/18/2019
American Express Credit Card HoldersCall for CountCall for Price02/19/2019
American Merchandise Credit Card HoldersCall for CountCall for Price02/21/2019
Asian Credit Card Users2,049,037$ 80.00 / M02/14/2019
Bad Credit - Card Declines5,649,831$ 180.00 / M02/17/2019
Bank Credit Card HoldersCall for CountCall for Price02/23/2019
Book It! Online Travel With A Credit CardCall for CountCall for Price02/17/2019
Brazil Credit Card Product Buyers and Responders- Email OnlyCall for CountCall for Price02/22/2019
Building Credit - Discover Card Users21,652,485$ 180.00 / M02/22/2019
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