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Mailing lists with "Dating" in the title

TitleChannelsUniverseCost/LeadLast Update
dating and Escort Services4,535$0.5007/08/2020
dating Service Responders1,769,963$0.0807/09/2020
dating Service Subscribers1,919,282$0.0807/03/2020
dating Services1,350$0.3507/08/2020
Adult dating Service Subscribers1,028,669$0.0807/08/2020
African American Singles: Online dating Site Subscribers237,829$0.0807/09/2020
Fashion and dating Tips - Women's Magazine Readers56,571,795$0.1807/01/2020
Gay dating Websites390,223$0.0807/09/2020
Internet dating Service Subscribers1,548,655$0.0807/05/2020
Jewish dating Website Subscribers48,074$0.2107/06/2020
Online dating Service Subscribers845,101$0.0807/06/2020
SIC Code 729903 - dating and Escort Services1,985$0.1007/01/2020
Single Today - Married Tomorrow: Adult dating Database5,928,773$0.1807/07/2020
Suddenly Single - dating Site Subscribers13,252,627$0.1907/09/2020
US Unique Adult dating Site Members- Email1,599,986$0.1807/04/2020
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