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Mailing lists with "Dog" in the title

TitleChannelsUniverseCost/LeadLast Update
dog Grooming Magazine Subscribers134,239$0.1211/15/2020
dog Kennels58,233$0.1911/17/2020
dog Owners6,676,638$0.0811/19/2020
dog Owners in Abilene, Texas12,282$0.1911/17/2020
dog Owners in Albuquerque, New Mexico45,606$0.1911/22/2020
dog Owners in Alexandria, Virginia12,121$0.1911/24/2020
dog Owners in Appleton, Wisconsin13,542$0.1911/18/2020
dog Owners in Arlington, Texas26,150$0.1911/17/2020
dog Owners in Aurora, Colorado27,005$0.1911/16/2020
dog Owners in Austin, Texas46,560$0.1911/22/2020
dog Owners in Baton Rouge, Louisiana26,171$0.1911/21/2020
dog Owners in Battle Creek, Michigan12,044$0.1911/23/2020
dog Owners in Birmingham, Alabama39,201$0.1911/16/2020
dog Owners in Boca Raton, Florida12,472$0.1911/18/2020
dog Owners in Boise, Idaho22,534$0.1911/18/2020
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