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"Graduating Seniors" Mailing lists

TitleChannelsUniverseCost/LeadLast Update
Affluent Single Seniors1,032,293$0.1802/26/2021
African American Households with Seniors1,695,389$0.1802/28/2021
Approaching the Hump - Wealthy Seniors Nearing Retirement1,339,620$0.1803/04/2021
Asian Households with Seniors453,803$0.1803/06/2021
Christian Seniors Over 6027,958,668$0.1802/27/2021
College and University Seniors463,313$0.1803/07/2021
High Net Worth Households with Seniors9,109,120$0.1803/03/2021
Hispanic Households with Seniors1,402,953$0.1802/28/2021
Long Life Savings - Wealthy Seniors1,273,302$0.1803/06/2021
Not a Care in the World - Wealthy American Seniors and Retirees1,313,093$0.1803/04/2021
Old Timers - Wealthy Retired Seniors - Age 65+1,379,411$0.1803/01/2021
Over the Hill - African American Seniors4,192,225$0.1803/05/2021
Retired Seniors at Home64,251,287$0.1803/06/2021
Seniors - Age 50 and With Exact Age69,253,438$0.1803/04/2021
Seniors Active Online3,746,241$0.1802/28/2021
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