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Accepted! College Bound High School Students2,245,151
Applications and Deadlines - High School Students Approaching Graduation2,360,880
Aspiring High School Students2,634,825
Brand name Backpacks - High School Students From Affluent Neighborhoods240,946
College Ahoy! - Parents Of Senior High School Students2,265,485
College Bound High School Students by State2,384,026
Education Scholarship Applicants -High School Students666,648
Growing Families - Families With High School Students5,704,927
High School Students Across The US5,819,196
High School Students' Email Addresses6,065,771
Leaving the Nest - College Bound High School Students2,287,158
Parents of High School and College Students/Postal and Email AddressesCall for Count
Parents Of High School Students6,113,094
The Awkward Years - High School Students5,220,845
Tweens and Teens! Parents Of Middle and Junior High School Students11,382,909
Active High School and College GraduatesCall for Count
African American Households With Children Nearing High School Graduation309,586
African American Parents with High School Aged ChildrenCall for Count
Asian Households With Children Nearing High School Graduation75,553
Asian Parents with High School Aged ChildrenCall for Count
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