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Lifestyle Interest Mailing Lists

TitleChannelsUniverseCost/LeadLast Update
Active Lifestyle Subscribers71,546,741$0.2012/01/2019
Affluent Lifestyle - Upscale Living Merchandise Buyers4,419,591$0.1812/07/2019
Coastal Properties and Lifestyle Related Magazine Readers43,817,175$0.2012/08/2019
Consumers by Interest111,180,854$0.1811/29/2019
Consumers by Lifestyle88,391,016$0.1111/30/2019
Interest in Science and Space5,797,698$0.1912/08/2019
Outdoor Lifestyle Enthusiasts83,562,578$0.2012/07/2019
Personal Interest Organizations6,188$0.2011/30/2019
Senior Citizen Care, Health and Lifestyle451,223$0.1811/29/2019
SIC Code 86999909 - Personal Interest Organization4,605$0.1012/08/2019
Theatre Interest12,650,994$0.1811/30/2019
Tours and Vacation Packages - Travel and Leisure Interest Database65,592,896$0.1912/02/2019
Travel and Leisure Interest64,026,125$0.2011/30/2019
Upscale Lifestyle Enthusiasts11,403,016$0.2011/29/2019
Western Lifestyle Related Magazine Subscribers1,745,273$0.1112/02/2019
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