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Luxury Mailing Lists

TitleChannelsUniverseCost/LeadLast Update
American Luxury Hotel Guests4,638,043$0.2010/16/2019
Cruising in Style - Luxury Cruise Related E-Newsletter Subscribers9,103,248$0.1910/18/2019
Diamonds and Gold - Luxury Product Buyers Email11,607,988$0.1810/14/2019
Leather Interior and Power Windows - Luxury Car Buyers Email3,864,556$0.1910/10/2019
Luxury Automobile Owners906,143$0.1310/11/2019
Luxury Buyers - Ultra Affluence Database5,092,780$0.1910/14/2019
Luxury Candle Purchasers646,943$0.1210/17/2019
Luxury Chocolate Buyers52,194$0.1310/14/2019
Luxury Coffee Consumers2,074,378$0.1210/12/2019
Mansions and Beach Homes - Luxury Homeowners10,642,722$0.1810/09/2019
Modern Day Luxury - Wealthy Individuals5,407,797$0.1910/17/2019
Revving and Reading - Luxury Car Related Magazine Subscribers3,241,250$0.2010/18/2019
Riding in Style - Luxury Car Owners4,061,727$0.2010/16/2019
Sailing the High Seas - Luxury Boat Owners2,097,876$0.2010/15/2019
U.S. Luxury Homes11,799,642$0.1910/14/2019
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