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Mail Order Buyer Mailing Lists

TitleChannelsUniverseCost/LeadLast Update
Adult Oriented Mail Order Buyers1,295,767$0.0810/15/2019
African American Mail Order Buyers6,226,333$0.0810/12/2019
African American Mail Order Donors179,446$0.0810/17/2019
African American Mail Responders6,496,655$0.0810/17/2019
American Capitalism - Mail Order Buyers161,122,021$0.1810/10/2019
Asian American Mail Order Consumers1,520,925$0.1210/12/2019
Asian Jewish Mail Order Buyers1,626,983$0.0810/11/2019
Asian Mail Order Donors35,381$0.0810/09/2019
Asian Mail Responders1,647,640$0.0810/17/2019
automotive buyer file19,244,223$0.2010/10/2019
Biz-Op Buyer1,179,386$0.1810/16/2019
Business Technology Users: Customer Order Management177,732$0.6010/11/2019
Catalog and Mail Shopping - Jewish Mail Order Buyers18,924$0.1810/17/2019
Custom Monuments Finished to Order Stores2,716$0.5010/14/2019
Direct Mail Advertising Services10,904$0.2010/10/2019
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