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Enhance Your Data

Enhance Your Data

When was the last time you updated your list? With millions of consumers moving each year and businesses shutting down or moving locations, it's pivotal for your financial success to complete a regular refresh of your data to improve the deliverability rates of your campaigns, marketing efforts, and to retain customers.

Exact Data's team of data experts are readily available to consult with you to help enhance your data. If you have questions about graduating from an outdated list and receiving modernized contacts, reach us by using the form below.

Our Suite of Data Enhancement Services

Data Appends

Data Appends

At Exact Data, we locate missing data and add updated information for contacts within your database. Our data append service allows you to optimize your list to significantly increase your deliverability rate, reactivate past customers, enhance your data, and give you the ability to make contact with new customers. Our data append services include:

  • Email Appends

    Access your customers’ current email addresses with our comprehensive consumer and business lists.

  • Business and Consumer Phone Appends

    Find your customers' current phone numbers using our comprehensive database with over 242 million contacts that include names and addresses.

  • Cell Phone Appends

    Locate your current customers' mobile numbers using their name and postal or email address.

  • Social Media Appends

    Identify the URLs for your customers’ social media profiles for popular platforms, including Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

  • Reverse Appends

    Add names, email/postal addresses and more to your existing phone numbers.

Social Media Optimization

Social Media Optimization

Expand your online reach by utilizing our social media appends service. Exact Data takes your list to match and append each customer’s social media handle for popular platforms including Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, making it possible to reach a higher percentage of your target audience in less time.

More than 79% of the U.S. population uses social media. When your products and services are creatively advertised through social media, your chances of receiving a sale are increased exponentially. Our social media appends service allows you to directly interact and build genuine relationships with your customers.

Our 4-Step Social Media Appends and Optimization Process

  1. Upload Your List.

    Once we’ve completed your order, you’ll be asked to provide us with your list.

  2. Social Media Process.

    We get to work appending your list using email addresses, phone numbers and other pieces of contact information to locate your *customers’ social media handles. *This applies to consumer lists only.

  3. Download Your Optimized List.

    Once we’ve finished the social media append process, you’ll receive a confirmation email when your list is ready for use.

  4. Plan Your Next Social Media Campaign.

    Now it’s time to give your refreshed list a try and reach out to your customers on social media.

Data Onboarding

Combine your offline and online data to create one, centralized database that provides you with a complete view of your customers and prospects. We use our comprehensive database to match offline customer records with online users, allowing you to deliver a personalized marketing campaign while maximizing your ROI generated in the process.

The Exact Data Onboarding Difference

Since 1999, Exact Data has compiled millions of consumer and business email addresses. Together with our partners, we have licensed over 2,000 sources to build and enhance both databases to become your trusted customer acquisition experts. We use our robust database to help you scale your reach, enhance your data and provide better-matching results.

Customer Lookalike Modeling Reports

Customer Lookalike Modeling Reports

Grow Your Audience with Lookalike Modeling

Lookalike modeling is used to identify groups of people that have similar characteristics to your most ideal and profitable customers. It works by utilizing a machine learning model. It is an extremely effective marketing tool to gain long term, loyal customers.

Exact Data combines key characteristics from a small subset of your ideal audience with a much larger set of data, commonly referred to as a reference set. This reference set is conducted and provided by a data service provider, DMP (Data Management Platform) or DSP (Demand-Side Platform). We use the reference set, in conjunction with your target audience’s key characteristics, to find an immense number of similar prospects that match closest to your current audience.

Lookalike modeling uncovers valuable attributes that reveal higher-performing audiences than general marketing segment buys, such as gender or age. By identifying new audiences that you would otherwise be unable to locate, lookalike modeling is a key marketing strategy that will allow you to rapidly acquire and retain loyal customers.