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Potential Homeowners Mailing Lists

TitleChannelsUniverseCost/LeadLast Update
Affluent Homeowners2,099,104$0.1303/27/2020
African American Homeowners By Location6,699,011$0.0804/01/2020
American Homeowners By State137,477,178$0.0804/02/2020
Bankrupt Homeowners2,941,444$0.0803/30/2020
Dream House - Verified New Homeowners1,272,825$0.1803/27/2020
High Income Homeowners2,454,182$0.0803/27/2020
Homeowners Across the US55,234,049$0.1103/31/2020
Homeowners and Purchasers52,505,308$0.2003/26/2020
Homeowners By Location41,775,341$0.0803/25/2020
Homeowners by Square Footage58,996,973$0.1903/31/2020
Homeowners By State25,738,080$0.1103/29/2020
Homeowners in Alabama1,170,231$0.0803/27/2020
Homeowners in Alaska92,920$0.0803/24/2020
Homeowners in Arizona1,297,802$0.0803/24/2020
Homeowners in Arkansas678,826$0.0803/26/2020
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