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Shopping Mailing Lists

TitleChannelsUniverseCost/LeadLast Update
Catalog and Mail Shopping - Jewish Mail Order Buyers18,924$0.1801/24/2020
Hispanic Shopping Lovers2,641,548$0.1901/20/2020
Home Shopping TV Buyers4,103,658$0.1801/21/2020
Home Shopping TV Watchers4,328,219$0.2001/23/2020
Impulsive TV Shopping Buyers4,145,123$0.1801/25/2020
Mail Order Shopping - Women's Fashion Catalog Buyers9,616,551$0.1801/28/2020
NAICS Code 4541 Electronic Shopping and Mail-Order Houses 21,169$0.1001/25/2020
Online Shopping Camping Enthusiasts3,262,457$0.1801/27/2020
Online Shopping Moms8,032,596$0.1901/27/2020
Shopping by Mail - Mail Order Buyers98,604,692$0.1801/22/2020
Shopping Center Property Operators6,002$0.2001/19/2020
Shopping Craze - US Consumer Master File236,018,898$0.2001/21/2020
Shopping from Home - Mail or Phone Order Buyers96,708,448$0.2001/20/2020
Shopping Spree! USA Consumer Database231,523,300$0.2001/20/2020
SIC Code 65120201 - Shopping Center, Property Operation Only4,488$0.1001/20/2020
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