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Soccer Mailing Lists

TitleChannelsUniverseCost/LeadLast Update
Extreme Soccer Fans27,289$0.1211/30/2019
Extreme Soccer Lovers4,203,989$0.0812/01/2019
GOAL! - Soccer Lovers1,426,473$0.2012/04/2019
Hispanic Soccer Enthusiasts2,644,070$0.1312/07/2019
Parents of Soccer Enthusiasts345,498$0.1312/01/2019
SIC Code 79410105 - Soccer Club1,141$0.1012/07/2019
Soccer Clubs1,054$0.3512/06/2019
Soccer Enthusiasts444,846$0.0812/04/2019
Soccer Lovers82,640,718$0.2012/01/2019
Soccer Mom Shoppers134,053$0.1812/05/2019
Soccer Playing Enthusiasts282,848$0.1212/02/2019
Soccer Related Magazine Readers78,846,023$0.1912/08/2019
Soccer Related Magazine Subscribers683,940$0.2012/03/2019
Young Soccer Enthusiasts755,170$0.1212/03/2019
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