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Tennis Player Mailing Lists

TitleChannelsUniverseCost/LeadLast Update
Active Tennis Players3,068,790$0.1901/21/2020
Membership-Only Tennis Clubs1,919$0.3501/21/2020
SIC Code 799901 - Tennis Services and Professionals1,072$0.1001/20/2020
Tennis and Gold Event Attendees90,938$0.0801/23/2020
Tennis Enthusiasts693,728$0.0801/26/2020
Tennis Players and Product Buyers3,098,876$0.1801/25/2020
Tennis Playing Enthusiasts618,021$0.1301/19/2020
Tennis Related Magazine Subscribers2,867,724$0.1801/22/2020
Tennis Services and Professionals1,331$0.3501/22/2020
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