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"Tennis Player" Mailing lists

TitleChannelsUniverseCost/LeadLast Update
tennis players and Product Buyers3,098,876$0.1811/23/2020
tennis and Gold Event Attendees90,938$0.0811/28/2020
tennis Enthusiasts693,728$0.0811/22/2020
tennis Playing Enthusiasts618,021$0.1311/28/2020
tennis Related Magazine Subscribers2,867,724$0.1811/21/2020
tennis Services and Professionals1,331$0.3511/28/2020
Active tennis players3,068,790$0.1911/29/2020
Golf, tennis, and Ski Shops8,869$0.2011/21/2020
Membership-Only tennis Clubs1,919$0.3511/23/2020
SIC Code 594103 - Golf, tennis, and Ski Shops5,837$0.1011/27/2020
SIC Code 799901 - tennis Services and Professionals1,072$0.1011/26/2020
Acoustic Guitar players35,831$0.1211/27/2020
Active Lottery players10,912,996$0.1311/27/2020
Avid Sweepstakes players31,795,383$0.2011/21/2020
Basketball players, Lovers, and Enthusiasts14,183,018$0.2011/26/2020
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