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Mailing lists with "Travel" in the title

TitleChannelsUniverseCost/LeadLast Update
travel - Hotel Offers Responders204,511$0.0807/13/2020
travel Agencies56,501$0.2007/13/2020
travel Agencies in California9,492$0.1107/14/2020
travel Agencies in Georgia2,875$0.1107/07/2020
travel Agencies in Illinois2,634$0.1107/15/2020
travel Agencies in New York4,392$0.1107/10/2020
travel Agencies in Texas4,061$0.1107/09/2020
travel Agency Locations53,781$0.2007/12/2020
travel Agent> 100,000$0.1007/09/2020
travel and Getaway Vacationers65,295,252$0.1107/07/2020
travel and Leisure Interest64,026,125$0.2007/10/2020
travel Buyers7,663,479$0.0807/13/2020
travel Clubs2,256$0.3507/15/2020
travel for Business Responders215,649$0.0807/10/2020
travel Offer Responders996,395$0.0807/06/2020
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