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Mailing lists with "Wealthy" in the title

TitleChannelsUniverseCost/LeadLast Update
wealthy 'Green' Consumers4,103,731$0.1411/19/2020
wealthy Americans By State7,292,428$0.1211/21/2020
wealthy Art Collectors9,746$0.1411/15/2020
wealthy Aviation Enthusiasts753,697$0.1811/15/2020
wealthy Boating and Sailing Enthusiasts8,838,954$0.1911/18/2020
wealthy Catholic Church Parishioners7,361$0.1911/19/2020
wealthy Catholic Donors9,282,514$0.1811/17/2020
wealthy Catholic Households5,996,430$0.1911/24/2020
wealthy Chinese Americans325,931$0.2011/16/2020
wealthy Chinese Consumers754,294$0.2011/21/2020
wealthy Consumers58,674,108$0.2011/22/2020
wealthy Consumers ($150k+ Income) in Alamo, California3,905$0.1111/16/2020
wealthy Consumers ($150k+ Income) in Amarillo, Texas4,341$0.1111/16/2020
wealthy Consumers ($150k+ Income) in Andover, Massachusetts3,558$0.1111/19/2020
wealthy Consumers ($150k+ Income) in Appleton, Wisconsin3,938$0.1111/22/2020
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