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14 March 2021

3 Direct Mail Tips to Help You Maximize Impact

Marketing is the lifeblood of any business. Integrating a constant direct mail marketing strategy into your marketing plan is an amazing way to spice things up (with great results). With a few specific direct mail tips, you’ll be on your way to increased sales, boosted brand awareness, and memorable marketing experiences. 

A well-planned (and well-executed, of course) direct mail marketing strategy helps skyrocket your marketing efforts and stand out from the crowd. However, too many businesses who choose direct mail jump in blindly. 

If you learn and implement key direct mail tips, you’re going to maximize your results without wasting time on ineffective strategies. This creates more time for you to do what you’re most passionate about in your biz! 

In today’s post, we’ll cover how to create an effective direct mail marketing strategy with the most effective direct mail tips. Plus, we’ll include some of the mistakes you should avoid (you’re welcome!) and things that may not work in today’s modern marketing world. Let’s get to work. 


What is a Direct Mail Marketing Strategy? 

With a direct mail marketing strategy, you send physical mail, like letters, packages, brochures, postcards, and other gift items, to your prospective or current customers. 

While direct mail is used for both B2C and B2B marketing purposes, it’s currently more effective (and used more frequently) on consumers, especially during a time when many offices are still shut down. 


When you use direct mail marketing, you send physical mail to customers, and hopefully, can both increase your sales and build brand awareness and loyalty. 

3 Direct Mail Tips to Make the Most of Your Campaign

Direct mail campaigns are highly effective and have an incredible return on investment (ROI). In fact, on average, direct mail marketing yields a 13-to-1 return on investment, which is absolutely incredible! This is great news for you as a business owner! But, there are some best practices to try (and some mistakes to avoid) when you create a direct mail marketing strategy. 


1. Keep Your Brand Recognizable

If you’re planning a direct mail marketing campaign, make sure that everything you send is visibly branded and identifiable to help build brand awareness. 

If you keep everything branded, you increase the chances of continued awareness of your brand (and the potential customer actually making a purchase). In fact, 48% of people keep pieces of direct mail for future reference, so you have the power to really boost awareness and stay memorable. 

The next time your customer needs what you offer, they might just reach for that branded pen or that postcard they stuck to the fridge. 


2. Include a Clear Call to Action (CTA)

Include a clear call-to-action directing customers what to do next. This is incredibly important to make sure your direct mail marketing strategy is effective! It might sound like one of the most basic direct mail tips, but trust us, it’s important. 

Be sure to include your: 

  • Contact information
  • Social media platforms
  • Store location or website

Without clear direction, people usually won’t take action. So, when you send out direct mail, make sure that you include a powerful CTA. 

Here’s an example to illustrate why this is so important. Direct mail is much less saturated than other marketing platforms like email or social media. As a consumer, how many promotional emails do you receive daily? Of those, how many do you open, and from there, how many times do you actually click on a link within and head to a website and make a purchase? 

With an enticing direct mail campaign and a clear CTA, you’re setting customers up to actually want to follow through. 

Especially if you get creative and implement an engaging or interactive form of direct mail (like a scratch-off, scavenger hunt, or gift item), your customers are going to be much more invested than when mindlessly sifting through an inbox full of promotions.


3. Rely on Clean Data

One of the biggest mistakes you can make in direct mail marketing is relying on data that’s outdated, inaccurate, or incomplete. 

This just proves how important good data hygiene is—the data you have is going to impact your ability to create effective marketing campaigns, direct mail included. 

On that same note, make sure to personalize your direct mail wherever possible. 

When you have a complete, accurate, and up-to-date list, segment it! Get specific in how you speak to customers. The more special you can make them feel, the more they will trust and respect your business, leading to more conversions down the line. 

With these direct mail tips, you’ll be able to create effective campaigns and grow your business. A solid direct mail marketing strategy helps generate incredible results for tons of different businesses in a variety of niches. 

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