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At Exact Data we’ll help you build your Catholic Churches mailing list or email list using targeted geographic and firmographic search selects such as ZIP Code, state, square footage, and executive title. Connect with businesses on it using various services including email campaign services and direct mail services. Our Catholic Churches is perfect for any company looking for new business prospects to help build its sales pipeline.

Connect with the businesses you need to reach using our mailing lists to create a successful campaign so you can increase your sales and grow your business. Offering information on over 16 million businesses, our databases are perfect for helping you build stronger mailing lists. Compiled from data bureaus, direct response, and online sources, our list contains tailored information for all of your marketing efforts.

Run a Catholic Churches mailing list count and access an instant count estimate for the list you’re interested in. You can narrow down the total count of prospective customers by using targeted search selects such as radius from your location, number of employees, annual sales, company start year, and industry to name a few. Fields for all business lists include contact name, title, phone number when applicable, and email address if available.

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Our Data & Marketing Solutions

At Exact Data, we know that the data you receive is the first step to growing your business. In addition to lists, we offer robust data solutions that will help you form connections with new customers. We’ll help you to pinpoint customer behavioral information so you can make better informed decisions. Or compare your existing list of customers to our database and fill in out-of-date or missing information to make connecting easier than ever.

Then, take your new data a step further with helpful marketing services like email marketing. Start making connections with the consumers on your list immediately using this fast, inexpensive marketing solution from Exact Data.

Fill out the form or call us directly at 877.440.3282.

Our Data & Marketing Solutions
Our Data & Marketing Solutions

Methods of Verification on Your List

We take data hygiene seriously. That’s why we put our data through a rigorous process to keep it fresh and up to date for when you’re ready to purchase a mailing list. Each method we use is specifically designed for different marketing channels.

  • Our postal records are CASS and NCOA certified which ensures a 95% deliverability rate.
  • Email records are deployed daily to help us verify contacts quickly and remove any invalid email addresses from our file
  • Phone numbers are verified regularly to ensure connectivity and accuracy.

Whether you’re purchasing a mailing list for an upcoming marketing campaign or you only need names and phone numbers for a telemarketing campaign, Exact Data has the contact information you need.

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Our Data Hygiene Process

Exact Data builds its Business and Consumer databases utilizing hundreds of publicly available sources including public directories, annual reports, real estate and tax assessments, and more. We also invest millions of dollars every year and dedicate hundreds of full-time researchers to ensure our records are kept up to date.

Instant Download

Once you’ve made your purchase, you’ll receive your list within a few hours and have the ability to download it instantly as a .csv file. Your list can be integrated into your CRM application quickly and you can get started with making new connections right away.

Leads for Every Market

We provide direct, specific, and detailed information that allows you to make valuable connections with your future business contacts. This includes emails, names, phone numbers, postal addresses, business titles, company/industry information, department information, fax numbers, revenue, and even employee information.

Transparent Usage Rights

Our pricing is always transparent. There are no hidden fees or long-term monthly contracts. We charge the same price regardless of business size or status.

For your free accurate count or quote on an email list, phone list, or mailing list of Catholic Churches, please fill out the form or call us directly at 877.440.3282.

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