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"Ethnic Based" Mailing lists

TitleChannelsUniverseCost/LeadLast Update
ethnic Breakdown - Target American Consumers By ethnicity227,027,702$0.1811/18/2020
ethnic Consumers99,587,631$0.0811/19/2020
ethnic File118,067,785$0.0811/17/2020
ethnic Food Eating Establishments128,913$0.2011/17/2020
ethnic Food Restaurants138,421$0.2011/20/2020
ethnic Master File165,615,975$0.0811/23/2020
ethnic Masterfile152,876,284$0.0811/19/2020
ethnic Restaurants (By Type and Geo)119,244$0.1811/16/2020
American Home based Business Respondents6,224,054$0.1111/18/2020
Fee-Based Auctioneers6,203$0.2011/24/2020
Handyman Readers - Woodworking based Magazine Subscribers5,823,669$0.2011/23/2020
African American ethnicity Master File21,340,000$0.0811/23/2020
Americans with Multi-Ethnic Surnames410,121$0.0811/21/2020
Armenian ethnicity File136,992$0.0811/22/2020
Chinese ethnicity Master File796,985$0.0811/20/2020
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