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Ethnic Based Mailing Lists

TitleChannelsUniversePriceLast Update
African American Ethnicity Master File21,340,000$ 80.00 / M04/12/2019
American Home Based Business Respondents6,224,054$ 110.00 / M04/14/2019
Americans by Ethnicity and Religion MasterfileCall for CountCall for Price04/16/2019
Americans with Multi-Ethnic Surnames410,121$ 80.00 / M04/14/2019
Armenian Ethnicity File136,992$ 80.00 / M04/12/2019
Chinese Ethnicity Master File796,985$ 80.00 / M04/13/2019
Consumers by Ethnicity Email DatabaseCall for CountCall for Price04/17/2019
Dallas-Based Golfers and Golf Product BuyersCall for CountCall for Price04/12/2019
Danish Ethnicity Master File56,503$ 80.00 / M04/13/2019
English Ethnicity Master File1,661,857$ 80.00 / M04/13/2019
Ethnic Breakdown - Target American Consumers By Ethnicity227,027,702$ 180.00 / M04/18/2019
Ethnic Consumers99,587,631$ 80.00 / M04/17/2019
Ethnic File118,067,785$ 80.00 / M04/21/2019
Ethnic Infomercial BuyersCall for CountCall for Price04/20/2019
Ethnic Language-Speaking HomesCall for CountCall for Price04/18/2019
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