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SIC Code Lookup

We've made it easy to target your audience by their specific industry. Click on a SIC Code below to view subcategories and detailed counts by channel (postal, email, and phone) or enter a keyword or specific SIC Code into the search bar to display matching industries.

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SIC Description Count
01Agricultural Production - Crops830,148Request More Info
02Agricultural Production - Livestock and Animal Specialties355,620Request More Info
07Agricultural Services827,244Request More Info
08Forestry32,808Request More Info
09Fishing, Hunting and Trapping12,696Request More Info
10Metal Mining5,124Request More Info
12Coal Mining6,267Request More Info
13Oil and Gas Extraction101,007Request More Info
14Mining and Quarrying Of Nonmetallic Minerals21,822Request More Info
15Building Cnstrctn - General Contractors & Operative Builders2,425,257Request More Info
16Heavy Cnstrctn210,786Request More Info
17Construction - Special Trade Contractors3,428,850Request More Info
20Food and Kindred Products140,931Request More Info
21Tobacco Products2,250Request More Info
22Textile Mill Products40,839Request More Info
23Apparel, Finished Prdcts From Fabrics & Similar Materials98,562Request More Info
24Lumber and Wood Products197,205Request More Info
25Furniture and Fixtures54,042Request More Info
26Paper and Allied Products38,100Request More Info
27Printing, Publishing and Allied Industries401,130Request More Info
28Chemicals and Allied Products144,399Request More Info
29Petroleum Refining and Related Industries17,475Request More Info
30Rubber and Miscellaneous Plastic Products64,002Request More Info
31Leather and Leather Products23,454Request More Info
32Stone, Clay, Glass, and Concrete Products98,835Request More Info
33Primary Metal Industries44,805Request More Info
34Fabricated Metal Prdcts187,350Request More Info
35Industrial and Commercial Machinery and Computer Equipment302,886Request More Info
36Electronic, Elctrcl Eqpmnt & Cmpnts, Excpt Computer Eqpmnt144,555Request More Info
37Transportation Equipment82,089Request More Info